How does it work?

There are two levels of this prayer in a parish for marriage and family life.

  1. People are invited to commit themselves to an hour of prayer on the monthly day chosen for the parish. This should be a particular hour, and chosen in such a way that the twenty four hours are covered.Not everyone will make this commitment. But everyone should be invited. This should include the sick and the housebound as they are often left out of any parish involvement because of their condition.

    There is a booklet to help people with this hour as an hour of prayer can be a very daunting prospect for most of us!

  2. On that day each month all the prayer of the parish should be in some way directed towards marriage and family life. For example, a prayer of intercession could be included in any Eucharist that is celebrated in the parish on that day.This intention could be part of the prayer in schools on that day. Or if there are prayer groups in the parish that meet on that particular day they could be encouraged to include some prayer for these intentions.

    And people in their own personal prayer could be encouraged to include prayer for marriage and family life.

    All of this will help to heighten the awareness of the people of the parish to the importance of this great Sacrament of Marriage and of our family homes as the Domestic Church and to gradually find the ways of building the Church for the sake of the world in which we live.