The accompanying booklet

The booklet that was written to accompany people in their hour 
of prayer is for two reasons:

  1. An hour of prayer is a difficult and daunting undertaking for anyone. 
This booklet helps to make it possible and enjoyable
  2. The booklet is also to help each person to reflect on the various aspects of Marriage and Family Life and to identify people that each one would want to pray for – in their own family; among their friends; in the parish etc.

The booklet is divided into five parts:

  1. Prayer for children and young people and those preparing for marriage
  2. All married couples
  3. All families of every combination
  4. Married people who are alone because of death; separation or divorce; breakdown in communication; and so on
  5. Those whose responsibility it is to build up Marriage and Family Life e.g. Our Holy Father; Bishops; Priests; Religious; Lay groups and associations dedicated to Marriage and Family; Politicians and other leaders of society.

It is recommended that each hour should begin by praying for those who have prayed for the previous hour and it should end by praying for those taking on the next hour. Each person who is involved in this is prayed for twice each day!!