Why is it important?

To help parish communities fulfil their promises:

To married couples

In our Catholic Tradition the marriage of a man and a woman is one of the seven Sacraments of the Church. This is an extraordinary part of our faith. 
As one of the Sacraments we are saying that we believe that this love 
relationship is one of the main ways that Christ continues to save the 
world in which we live.

Because of this we have a very special responsibility to honour marriage in 
every way possible and to support married couples in their commitment of love to each other exclusively and permanently. This monthly focus by a 
parish community on marriage is a very practical way of creating this focus.

To each family

Also in our Catholic Tradition the family is called the Domestic Church. 
This means that the family is one of the major places in which Christ lives. This is true of every family, that whatever its combination, or wherever our people live, it is a sacred place.
Again, this monthly day of prayer is a very good way of acknowledging the importance of the family home in the life of the Church and also of society.