Introduction to Couple Prayer

Marriage is a three partner relationship that cannot work fully with only two. That is a bold statement. It needs a lot of thought to see the truth of it.

For example, marriage generally involves children. They become a focus for the extent of love that their parents need to be working at. It is no longer how much the couple want to love each other but now how much their children need them to love each other so that these children will be blessed with everything that is good as they grow up and beyond. They call their parents to greater love for their sake.

Making decisions in marriage about work or house or future plans etc. can best be done together. This calls a couple to greater love so that their decisions about all the important things of their life together will be what are best for their marriage and family life. These decisions become a third partner in the love needed by the couple.

Especially in the context of a marriage which takes place within a faith community, God is an important third partner in the couple’s relationship. God calls them to a love that is 100% just like God’s love for us. God calls them to a love that is creative; that is full of affection; that is always open to forgiveness; a love that is gentle and passionate; a love that always promises more all the way through life.

A big way of life

Marriage is a way of fidelity and of faithfulness for the rest of the couple’s life.
All this is a very big way of life that can only be lived with the help of God. This help needs to be called on constantly through prayer – prayer for one another and prayer with one another.

Our motto is: ‘the couple that prays together stays together’.

This motto is supported by the following statistics taken from For Better and For Ever by Fr. Robert Ruhnke, C.Ss.R. page 130:

  • The current divorce rate in the U.S. is 50% of all marriages, or one divorce out of every two marriages.However, notice the difference in the following statistics.
  • Of those couples who worship together each Sunday, the divorce rate is 3.3%, or one divorce in every 30 couples.
  • Of those couples who pray together in their homes on a regular basis, the divorce rate is .3%, or one divorce out of every 300 couples.