A Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life.

Marriage & Family Life continue to be two of the most vital foundation stones on which society and the Church are built.

Until comparatively recently accepting this truth was easy. 
Most women and men got married; they then had their children; the vast majority made a success of their family lives, not without problems of course and at times with great sacrifice.

A Day at Knock Shrine

There is an annual day at Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo to celebrate the Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life and to find ways of promoting this to other parishes. There will be three or four sessions to reflect on the importance of the Sacrament of Marriage...

Family walk on the beach at sunset

Why is it important?

In our Catholic Tradition the marriage of a man and a woman is one of the seven Sacraments of the Church. This is an extraordinary part of our faith. 
As one of the Sacraments we are saying that we believe that this love 
relationship is one of the main ways that Christ continues to save the 
world in which we live.


Who is it for?

When people hear the words ‘Prayer for Marriage and Family Life’ very often they immediately think of it as prayer by married couples and by families only. No! This is a day of prayer each month by the whole parish community for marriage and for all families.

Family holding hands together closeup

What is involved?

Through this monthly day of prayer other things will emerge that will be helpful for building up these relationships; other opportunities can be created for the health and well-being of families; other occasions can be established for celebrating the love that bonds us together with each other and with God.