Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

——————————— Parish (3)

——————————————- is our parish day for prayer for Marriage & Family Life.

Ask and you will receive”.

A well-known Scripture scholar, William Barclay, says that a better translation of these words from the Gospel is: “Keep on asking and you will receive”. This is more in keeping with the kind of prayer we are engaged with in taking a day a month in the parish, a day that is filled for the twenty four hours with prayer for Marriage & Family Life, knowing that every other day is also filled with this same prayer in other parishes.

To ask is a dynamic action. It is very different from demanding from God; it is also different from merely suggesting something to God; and it is different from begging God to do something.

Asking is about, first of all, deciding what we want. That takes thought on our part. What is it we want for Marriage and for Family Life today, knowing all the complications of our modern ways of life?

It is also about listening to what God wants for Marriage and for Family Life today and being formed by that in our own desires. That’s what prayer is about.

Asking also calls us to action in working for all that is good and best for Marriage today and for all family life of every combination.

This day is a call to the whole parish to pray for Marriage & Family Life at home, at school, at any Mass that is celebrated on the day, at any prayer group meetings that might take place on ——- of the month etc.

If you would like to undertake an hour each month you can do so at any time. (Arrangements will be made to facilitate this)

Keep on asking and you will receive.”