Why should the parish take this on?

When a couple get married in the Catholic Church they vow to love one 
another for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health all the days of their lives. This is a huge and a wonderful commitment. They have a serious responsibility to do everything in their power to make their marriage as good and fruitful as they possibly can.

But they cannot do it on their own. In fact they should not have to do it on their own. As a part of their Sacrament of marriage the faith community promises to support them in every way possible so that they can fulfil this special vocation.

Unfortunately, there are very few ways in which the parish can live out this promise except maybe when a couple experience difficulties in their marriage. This monthly day of prayer therefore is a very practical way of giving this 

Something similar is true of every family.

Obviously the main responsibility for a family is with the adults in the home. When parents bring a child for Baptism they promise to bring their child up in the faith. In that Sacrament the faith community also promises to accompany the parents so that they can fulfil their promise.

This monthly day of prayer is a great opportunity for the community to carry out their promises.